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Cobourg Community Improvement Plan

Cobourg Community Improvement Plan

"This Community Improvement Plan (CIP) was prepared in tandem with the Downtown Cobourg Master Plan (DMP), and has been prepared to complement, support and be implemented in conjunction with the DMP. The preparation of these two documents was a collaborative effort between the consulting team, the Town, Downtown Vitalization Action Committee, and other stakeholders. This CIP is called the Downtown Cobourg “Vitalization” CIP because it has been expressly developed and refined to help achieve the Vision and support the strategies and recommended actions contained in the Cobourg Downtown Vitalization Action Plan (DVAP).

The purpose of this CIP is to identify the key community improvement needs in Downtown Cobourg, establish a Community Improvement Project Area (Project Area), and outline public realm improvements and a toolbox of incentive programs that will stimulate private sector investment activity in the Project Area."

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