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Cobourg - Downtown Cobourg Master Plan

Downtown Cobourg Master Plan

"The Downtown Master Plan provides detailed and strategic direction for the revitalization of Downtown Cobourg by building on the overarching policies outlined in the existing Official Plan and a number of other strategies and economic development initiatives developed for the Downtown over the years. The Master Plan contains a downtown strategy, urban design guidelines, and implementation tools to assist the Town in guiding new development, investment and community building initiatives in Downtown Cobourg for the next 10 to 20 years.

The Master Plan responds to the distinctive Downtown Cobourg context and the needs of existing and future citizens. The Plan addresses key challenges and opportunities to ensure that future change can be effectively managed to positively contribute to the health, beauty and vitality of the Downtown. The Master Plan is a strategic document that will be used by the Town, local residents and businesses as a tool to communicate the vision, goals, and direction to the public, external agencies, and investors. The Master Plan is consistent with the intent of the provisions of the Official Plan, providing more details regarding the built form, public realm and development parameters consistent with the distinctive Downtown characteristics and community aspirations. In doing so, the Master Plan provides greater certainty and clarity about the future development of the Downtown."

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