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Regional Research

"This document outlines best urban design practices for residential intensification and new communities. The document includes guidelines that may be implemented through future revisions to the City of Kingston Official Plan and Zoning By-laws, and through technical design standards, such as the Subdivision Design Standards. Section Six of the document contains a list of action items that are issues of concern that have been identified through this process.

"The Downtown Action Plan: An infrastructure Renewal and Public Open Space Plan (DAP) refines the work and principles set out in the Downtown Design Concept (DDC) released in the fall of 2001. The Plan will form part of Kingston’s ten year Capital Plan for the infrastructure in the downtown. The DAP is an urban design study for the whole downtown, and an annual work plan spread over a ten to fifteen-year period."

"The City of Kingston has a number of properties that have been or may be impacted by former industrial or commercial uses and may be contaminated as a result of these historical activities. Many of the City’s Brownfield Sites are located in the core area with access to existing infrastructure, services and transportation networks. Left abandoned or vacant, Brownfield Sites represent lost property tax revenue, lost residential accommodation, and lost employment opportunities.