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Regional Research

"The City of Kingston has a number of properties that have been or may be impacted by former industrial or commercial uses and may be contaminated as a result of these historical activities. Many of the City’s Brownfield Sites are located in the core area with access to existing infrastructure, services and transportation networks. Left abandoned or vacant, Brownfield Sites represent lost property tax revenue, lost residential accommodation, and lost employment opportunities.

"The Mayor's Task Force on Housing will provide evidence-informed and action-oriented observations and recommendations to Kingston City Council in order to increase the supply of a diverse range of housing for all residents in the City of Kingston.

It will present a coordinated and practical set of recommendations designed to guide Council as it makes decisions to address Kingston's housing supply. It will rely on:

"This report looks at the City’s progress on priorities in the final year of the 2014-2018 Kingston Strategic Plan – developed by city council with the aim of making Kingston a smart, livable, 21st century city.

Over this term of council, the six strategic priority areas helped guide the City’s efforts to improve the overall quality-of-life of those who live, work, play and invest in Kingston. Forty initiatives are tied to these priority areas and their success has been measured against priority objectives.

"With a mixture of opportunities and obstacles emerging in 2017 Peterborough & the Kawarthas is beginning a new chapter: shedding some of the traditional notions about its identity, and journeying down a road lined with innovative ideas, sustainable solutions, enterprising entrepreneurs, and collaborations that will take us into the future as a high-performing, prosperous economy for those who live, work and invest here."

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