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Regional Research

"A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a tool that allows a municipality to direct funds and implement policy initiatives toward a specifically defined project area. Section 28 of the Planning Act gives municipalities that have enabling policies in their official plans, the ability to prepare Community Improvement Plans. The Community Improvement Plans are intended to encourage rehabilitation initiatives and/or stimulate development.

"The City (Brockville) was approved for OLMP funding in March 2018. The Business Retention & Expansion Program was initiated in April 2018. Prior to starting the program meetings were held with United Counties of Leeds & Grenville, who were undertaking a similar business retention and expansion program, as well as the Employment & Education Centre (EEC) to develop a questionnaires that were consistent and provided the EEC with useful information on the local labour market.

In addition a Steering Group was formed to guide the work and reporting . . ."

"This Community Improvement Plan (CIP) was prepared in tandem with the Downtown Cobourg Master Plan (DMP), and has been prepared to complement, support and be implemented in conjunction with the DMP. The preparation of these two documents was a collaborative effort between the consulting team, the Town, Downtown Vitalization Action Committee, and other stakeholders.

"Downtown Cobourg consists of approximately 230 businesses. Some are thriving and others are struggling to meet new age consumer demands. Cobourg’s baby boomers are retiring and with this demographic reality we are witnessing the closing of mainstay shops. Add to this the arrival of new businesses, some which have no formal business or marketing strategies, heritage buildings that require more than just a face-lift, and climbing vacancy rates. It is time to develop a long-term sustainable plan for downtown Cobourg.